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Happy Halloween!

  Welcome to my Halloween Sound Effects Page
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  Over the years I have collected sound effects of all kinds. This CD is the result of years of collecting and recording many myself. I have saved only the best quality sounds for this CD.

For years, I have been setting up a large Halloween display for trick or treaters in my town. I use a great deal of sound effects. These are all high quality, clear undistorted effects. You will not find the tired, old Walt Disney "Chilling, Thrilling sounds of the Haunted House" sounds  in my collection. Those were great in the 70's, but everyone has heard those screams, creaks, and groans before.

You will get:

  • Bird Sounds (Owls, crows, ravens, etc)

  • Tower Bells

  • Wolves Howling

  • Fantastic Thunder sound effects (Without rain)

  • Wind Effects

  • Fire

  • Screams (Male and female)

  • Ghost Sounds

  • Bubbling Cauldrons

  • Growling

  • Dogs Barking

  • Heartbeats

  • Demonic Laughter

  • Mysterious Whispering

...and many more. All sounds are individually isolated without other background noise so they are VERY realistic! You can mix these sounds together in infinite combinations perfect for haunting your own neighborhood on Halloween!

Also enjoy a large collection of Halloween related music. Both dark and disturbing sounds to play in your dungeon, as well as popular Halloween classics for the lighthearted party like Monster Mash, Witchcraft, Theme from The Exorcist and many more.


The sounds are in mp3 format. They are intended for use in your computer. You can choose the sounds you want, even mix them together for the perfect effect, then burn them to a CD to use anywhere. There are over 250 sound files for you to choose from, all encoded as high quality 256kbps mp3s.

Browse all the files
and download as many as you like instantly for just $5.00


This Entire collection is yours instantly, just click "Buy Now" above for just $5.00 and instantly download as many of the files as you like, as often as you like. Use your computer to mix the sounds and burn audio CD's that you can play in standard CD players.

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