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Rewind Goes to the
Dick Clark American Bandstand Theater

For two live radio broadcasts!

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Thanks to all who listened to and helped us with the Rewind Live Broadcast from the
in Branson, MO over the Thanksgiving Holiday!

Dick Clark's American Bandstand Theater, Branson, MO

Friday's show started at 4:30 pm and went until 8:00 pm Eastern Time, and
Saturday from 4:00 until 8:00 pm Eastern!

Two unique shows. No repeats. Both days were filled with new interviews and the music you love from your favorite artists! This live broadcast was filled with old friends, and many new acquaintances!

Thanks for tuning in live!

Many of our affiliates aired the live broadcast as it happened, thanks again to all who ran this special broadcast.

Over those two days, we heard from The Righteous Brother’s Bill Medley, Paul Revere & The Raiders, Fabian, Bobby Vee, The Comets – of Bill Haley & The Comets, Gary Lewis & The Playboys, Chris Montez, Brian Hyland, The Chiffons and more! If you know of a station in your area that you think should be airing the Rewind Show, Please contact them to tell them about our program. We'll hook them up so that you can hear Rewind wherever you are.
Jimmy Jay interviewed all of those artists and a few others over the 8 hours we were on the air, LIVE AND UNCUT! It's always been our great fans that have gotten Rewind where we are today.

We thank you all for your loyalty and support!

The sign at the entrance of Dick Clark's American Bandstand Theater Bill Medley with Jimmy Jay
Another shot of Bill Medley and Jimmy During the interview Bobby Vee and Jimmy Jay in Branson
Brian Hyland (Itsy Bitsy Teeny weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini) and Jimmy Jay Bruce Colony (General Manager of the Dick Clark AB Theater) with Jimmy Jay
An animated Bruce Colony on live radio Judy Craig Mann from The Chiffons (One Fine Day) Jimmy Jay
Chris Montez and Jimmy Jay Dick, Joey and Marshall - The Original Comets and Jimmy Jay
Gary Lewis of Gary Lewis and the Playboys (This Diamond Ring) with Jimmy Jay Fabian with his wife Andrea with Jimmy Jay
McKenna and Darrin Medley with Jimmy Jay Paul Revere of Paul Revere and the Raiders with Jimmy Jay
Marshall Lyttle with Oldies Cruise Buddies and Jimmy Jay Jimmy Jay's Game Show Mania!
Jimmy Jay with Joyce, a fan from Hawaii Jimmy Jay backstage with Paul Revere
Marshall Lytlle of the Comets, Chris Montez, Jimmy Jay and Brian Hyland in the dressing room before the concert Chris Montez and Bryan Hyland warming up in the dressing room
Comets drummer Dick Richards in the dressing room ready to Rock! Bobby Vee in concert
Bobby Vee with Fabian on stage Chris Montez (Let's Dance) on stage
"Baby Raider" Darrin Medley with Paul Revere in concert Paul Revere and the Raiders on stage
Marshall Lytlle of the Comets in Concert in Branson, MO Judy Craig Mann of the Chiffons singing "He's so Fine"
Bobby Vee Signing Autographs Bobby Vee with Mackenzie, a young fan
Brian Hyland and Chris Montez signing autographs Judy from the Chiffons signing autographs
The Comets signing autographs Rewind and Bobby Vee fan Karen with Darrin Medley and her autographed Twinkie half eaten by Paul Revere
Jimmy Jay and Rewind Producer Bob Robertson Twisting with Fabian on stage
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